It’s a wrap

Its time to say goodbye to 2016! Hooray! Welcome 2017!

So, how are you doing in this year? Are things got better than 2015?

Yes? Then you are good enough to step into another exciting year. Good luck!

No? Then 2017 is the year where you will prove to yourself that you are doing better than before. Don’t be sad, cheer up!

For those who lost their motivation either in studies, career, or anything else. Try to find a way that will make you cheer up, you may print out motivational quotes on A4 papers and hang it around your frequent visible area. This method surely works somehow, as I tried myself while I am in my final year of undergraduate studies. Most important key is never give up, there might be some rocky road in your path but you will eventually found unexpected rewards ahead. 

I would also like to thank everyone that cherish me in this year. Without you, there will be whole different situation crafted in my memory.

Wishing you all a better new year.

Happy new year! 😘😘😘


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