Achievement + Appreciation Post

Hello there!

I have done my undergraduate degree (refer my previous post) and yeah, I would like to share some of my achievements / awards that I manage to gain after those hard work and sleepless nights.

But, but, but. Before that, there is someone who I would like to thank for constantly helping and support me throughout these few years of my study (although he is non-blood related to me).

This is how I know him…..

I first to notice him in class when we need to write down our details (name, IC number, etc.) in our first year of study. It happened that I sat on the row just behind him, so after he wrote down his details, the paper was passed to me. The moment when I was writing my IC number, I notice that why is this guy wrote down my IC number? Is he wrote his details on the wrong place, which is suppose to be my details? I nearly asked him about that and then I noticed that the behind 6-digits was not mine, and I realized that we having the same birth-date!! This gave me some excitement as I haven’t found someone who share the same birth-date with me.

Snap! Enough for that, as time goes by, our relationship getting better and people do call us as ‘Study Couple’. Yeah, we always study and study and study…. -.- We don’t have time to date like any other couples out there, sigh! I think those books know us better then we know each other. We argue with each other about things related to study, and anything to do with us is just about all those subjects, exams and tests !

Hard work pays off !

So in the end, both of us had received Dean Award, First Class Degree and also Academic Award. Hooray!! Isn’t that sweet?

The Academic Award which sponsored by Schlumberger and also Dean Award’s Medal. 

We only have some own sweet time together after the convocation ceremony. So here are some of our celebration photos.

Thank you again for being there with me through my hard times. 🙂

Our typical pose with le medal and UTM’s album.




Photo credit : _NARAphotography


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