Discover something new!

Hello there!

It’s been awhile since I had done my undergraduate study and staying at home since then. For the first few months, I’m taking my own sweet time to unpack and rearrange my stuffs, empty out my laptop’s memory (since there are a lot of assignment and project’s sources and materials inside), catch up Korean drama that I missed and also spend my precious time with my families and long lost relatives.

After catch-up everything. It’s time for me to explore new hobby that is nail arts 💅 and makeup !! 💄💄

I have had interested in this kind of things since long time ago but due to my course was categorized as tough course,  there is not even a tiny space for me to squish in my hobby. 😧😧

So as for now… Tadaaa…!!!

Proudly presents my nail art and makeup set which sponsored by my parents and also Mr. TMH. 😘😘😘 Thank you!!

That’s all for this time. I will soon update on my nail art’s progress. Stay tuned!


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