Unexpected Achievement

Malam Permata Gemilang 2016 (MPG’16)

I was preparing my laptop and stuffs at the library and suddenly a message came into my phone. ‘Beep beep..’ It was from an unknown number “Hi, we would like to invite you to MPG’16 as you will received an award. Please contact me when you are free to claim your pass.” This is how it starts. So after reading the sms, I was like ‘Wow! Are you kidding me? This is so unbelievable!’ But at that moment, they won’t tell me what kind of award that I will received on that day…

The theme for this MPG would be Multi-Culture Wedding. Back then I have quite a hard time in choosing what to wear on that event. After few thoughts, me and my friend, Hana (as we will be the only ladies at Table 65) decided to wear Indian culture clothes. Hana bought herself nice blue saree and I just borrowed from my junior (special thanks to Santo and Tanzia).

On 20th May 2016 evening, I went to J-Saloon for my make-up and get my hair done. They took about one and half hours to turn me from ‘okay’ to ‘wow’ and my juniors help me to wear that saree after that. Everything that i wore (saree and accessories) on that night all belongs to my lovely juniors.

Tadaa..!! Look amazing isn’t it?

With my classmates (guys on my left hand side and behind me) before entering the main hall.

After the entrance of VIP, national anthem and speech from our Pengetua Kolej, we were served with Malay style full course meal followed by the award giving ceremony. So there are 2 categories for the academic award which was Engineering and Non- Engineering, and below each category there are another 4 categories which were Male Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra, Female Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra. So there were total of 8 recipients for this academic award.

During the award giving ceremony. A bit nervous on stage. -.-


This is the certificate and trophy that I got ^.^

After the VIP leave the hall, we all have own sweet time in taking photograph with the props prepared. >.<

Poof, and the bulb goes off…Well, it’s me again trying to have a nice shot with le saree but was disturbed by the guys back there. Urghhh! **Never mind they were my friends anyway. 😀

Before the MPG ended, the king and queen of the night was announced where the king will received a songkok (i guess) while the queen received a tiara. Guess what, Hana was the winner of Queen of the night! Wohoo! Luck was on our side that night where both of us also won the lucky draw prize!!

Here is the Queen of the night! Congrats Hana! Such a gorgeous lady on that night, you deserved it.

Finally, we had a group photo at the so called ‘pelamin’ prepared on the main stage. Here is the photo taken from Rashid’s IG.

Parts of final year mechanical engineering students. Female students were the minorities of this course.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to grab this award as getting this kind of award was not even in my dream list due to my academic achievement since primary school were not that super-duper excellent. Some said that this was my ‘rezeki’ since I work hard and do well in my study. Well, I personally think that everyone have the chance to win any award that they wish as long as they have the perseverance in whatever they are doing.

So, good luck everyone and never give up! Cheers!


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